Cornwall Vehicle Shoppers Are Invited to Fall Into Winter at Seaway GM With up to $12,310 in Cash Pu

This month at our dealership we help you “Fall into Winter” with amazing deals and incentives that will make you forget what we’re leaving behind and get you excited to face the months ahead behind the wheel of the new GM you’ve been dreaming of driving!

No really, I’m not just saying this in an attempt to get you thrilled about upgrading to a new GM… this November, to help you take advantage of Black Friday deals before the month-end commotion and rumble, we have a smorgasbord of rebates, bonuses, and finance or lease offers that will make your head spin!

Still sceptical? Let me give you a few examples!

Looking for a small payment? You got it! We have, on approved credit, interest rates as low as 0% up to 84 months on many models, some of them up to 84 months; plus finance credits up to $2,850 and current owner bonuses up to $2,000.

And if you prefer leasing, check the low lease rates and small payments you could enjoy on approved credit!

Prefer to get the steepest cash deal possible? We got your back! You could enjoy 15% and even a whopping 25% of MSRP in cash purchase credit on new 2019 models in stock which could help you keep in your pockets thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

But if you’re the type of shopper who likes to have his cake and eat it too, we got you covered! You could finance some of our models with interest rates as low as 0% for up to 72 months AND enjoy up to $7,000 in total value!

If you’ve been dreaming about getting your hands on a new GM trucks, this month is the time to make your move, if you know what I mean!

What are you doing still watching the leaves fall? Summer is over, and here at the dealership we want to help you fall into winter at the wheel of the new GM you’ve wanted all year with one of the best Black Friday deal you can get this November.

Click the link now and let us make you an offer for your current vehicle so you can take advantage of our Black Friday deals now before everybody goes crazy.

It’s the Fall into Winter Black Friday deals every day this November at our dealership!

Come get yours before the showroom and lot is empty!

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