Cornwall Current Truck Owners Could Get A $1,500 Bonus This Month at Seaway GM

This is an important message to all pickup truck owners in the area. If you currently own a pickup truck of any brand, you are eligible to get a $1,500 bonus with the purchase, lease or finance of a new 2019 GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado.

Yes, you heard correctly.

If you’ve been the owner of an F-one-fifty, Ram, Tundra, Titan or any other eligible pickup truck, for the past six months, you are entitled to a $1,500 bonus with the purchase, lease or finance of a newly redesigned 2019 Sierra or Silverado.

Now we understand that it might look like there are many choices of pickup trucks out there, but when you combine a century of truck building know-how with 11.2 million kilometres of testing, you don’t just get any truck; you get the right one!

Simply put, a GM truck offers you more choices, with the capability you need for the task at hand.

Listen, if there’s work to be done, there’s a perfect GM pickup to do it.

This month, you could lease, on approved credit a brand new 2019 newly redesigned Silverado fifteen hundred for what feels like $99 weekly or finance a brand new also redesigned 2019, GMC Sierra 1500, at 0% for 72 months plus get up to $3,150 in total value!

How could you resist? Did you see the look of these beasts?

Oh, and remember, if you’re a current eligible pickup truck owner, you also get to take advantage of an additional $1,500 loyalty bonus!

The choice seems pretty obvious to me!

Come by the dealership to get an exciting offer for the pickup truck you’re driving now, and get behind the wheel of the GM truck of your dreams!

With incentives like these, there are no reasons to wait another minute!

What are you waiting for? This $1,500 bonus is not going to be available forever!

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