Seaway GM Provides Cornwall Vehicle Owners An Automotive Fresh Start for 2018

There are moments in life that just inspire us to make a change. Whether it’s the beginning of a New Year, a birthday, a victory or even sometimes a challenge; you just feel rising in yourself an uncompromising sense of resolve to reach for more. Suddenly, you just know it's time to make that change and trust the beauty of new beginnings.

As hard as previous attempts might have been, today, nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go of the past and starting new.

Have you been compromising? Is it time to make a change? Are you driving a vehicle that no longer suits your life and your lifestyle? Maybe your family grew, and you’re compromising on the required space for everyone to be comfortable? Maybe you’re driving a gas guzzler, and you’re looking to trim down the price of your daily commute? Maybe your vehicle is a necessary tool for work, and you’ve been compromising on cargo space, power or versatility? Maybe, a second vehicle would allow you and your spouse to do so much more for the family and take off an unnecessary pressure on your couple?

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. The next chapter of your automotive life starts right now! Our dealership wants to help you move on and stop wishing things could be different and to do so we have set up for you a 1 million dollars Fresh Start Trade-in Cash fund to help you turn the page and enjoy a well deserved, new automotive beginning!

Start what you've been putting off today. Don't be afraid of change; it is leading you to a brand new future. Click ''HERE'' and get your share of the Fresh Start Trade-in Cash fund our dealership has set aside to help you erase your automotive past and start anew! You’ll be able to use the money to let go of your current vehicle for the maximum amount of money possible this week and get the vehicle that will truly bring you happiness.

Maybe you’re scared this might not be the right time to get the best price? Maybe you think the payment on the vehicle you want might not fit in your budget? Maybe you think too much money down is going to be required. Maybe you fear you might not get approved for the vehicle you want? Or maybe you think you might not get enough for the vehicle you are driving now? Wrong! With our 1 million dollars Fresh Start Trade-in Cash fund, you are guaranteed to get the maximum amount of money our dealership can give you this week!

What are you waiting for? If not now, when? The secret of getting ahead in life is getting started. Click ''HERE'' and get your share of the Fresh Start Trade-in Cash fund our dealership has set aside to help you eradicate your automotive past and start anew! No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road with the wrong vehicle, it’s time to turn around and make a change. Remember, in the end; we only regret the chances we didn't take.

Yes, you can get the best possible price this month on the model you always wanted.

Yes, with all the finance options available, we can help you fit the payment perfectly in your budget.

Yes, we have zero down available on approved credit on all our vehicles, so you don’t need to give us a penny to leave with the new vehicle you always wanted.

Mike McParlan is the New Car Sales Manager at Seaway GM. Seaway GM is the premier car retailer for customers looking for a new or pre-owned car, truck, SUV or crossover vehicle in Cornwall. Everyday our dealership serves customers from Cornwall, Long Sault, Lancaster, Alexandria, Morrisburg, Martintown, Ingleside, Ottawa and Montreal. We have a full range of new Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC models; we also carry a huge selection of used and certified pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Our finance and lease department has the best low rates and loan packages that will help you get the best deal on your new or used car, truck, SUV or crossover. Whether you are looking for a luxury car, pickup truck or SUV, Seaway Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd is the answer to your vehicle needs. You can schedule a test drive online when you visit http://www.SeawayGM.com or talk to us directly at 613-933-3000.

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